BaseFer : Archaeological sites of Iron Age

, by Agnès

The BaseFer developed by AOROC aims to identify the deposits of the Iron Age, geolocated by municipality, indicating the types of structures and the main associated furniture

- It is a qualitative basis, to quote presence-absence of published data. It aims at giving a global picture of knowledge about the Iron Age, without pretending to be exhaustive.
- Its objective is to produce maps and analyzes on a regional scale, in France and at the end in Europe.

BaseFER User Guide

The attached document provides a minimum manual for the use of the “BaseFer Online” application, which allows manipulations of the base base iron through a browser.

Access to the application requires registration as a user. This operation is carried out by an administrator of Base Fer. The latter not only provides a user account, which is characterized by an identifier name associated with a strictly confidential password, but also grants rights for editing site cards or administering the database.

The application offers several features for querying the BaseFer database, retrieving data, obtaining statistics, identifying communes, updating site description sheets and obtaining documentation on the basis. This manual presents the main points. It is available in the Documentation section of the application.

Contact us to have access to the Iron Base and participate in the project.